Jensen Innovation is company that develops accessories for mobile smart phones. The main ideas is to use the user interfaces of smart phones with high resolution displays and advanced user controls as a basis and add on external hardware that  enriches the owner of the smart phone with advanced features not already supported in cameras and smart phones.


The concept is based on an application running on the smart phone and external hardware with no need to connect to a PC or MAC.

The applications are centralized around application features for photographers that want extra value and features added for camera and mobile smart phone.


The accessories is planned for to be supported on a leading mobile phone platform.



































Connects to     

   DSLR cameras


Control your Canon or Nikon DSLR Camera with you smartphone.







Jensen Innovation has a passion for two things óbuilding simple yet powerful accessories and taking care of our customers. Our goal is to build tools and hardware that save time and money for everyone who loves photography.


Headquarter of Jensen Innovation are in Aalborg Denmark. Founded in 2010 by Klaus Jensen, Jensen Innovation is a privately held company consisting of software developers, hardware developers and photography enthusiasts. As lovers of photography, we understand the exciting new opportunities technology brings to photography.


Jensen Innovation product is built with the promise of saving you time and frustration with the camera so you can quickly get the images you want and add new exciting advanced features to take full control of your camera.




Accesories for mobile devices